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Serena Mantovani, Gianluca Morganti, Nitish Umang, Teodor Gabriel Crainic, Emma Frejinger, Eric Larsen
The load planning problem for double-stack intermodal trains
Euro J Transp Logist (accepté le 8 novembre 2017)

Tien Mai, Fabian Bastin, Emma Frejinger
On the similarities between random regret minimization and mother logit: the case of recursive route choice models
Journal of Choice Modeling, 23C:21-33, 2017
Link-based route choice models (no path choice set generation).
We formulate random regret-based recursive logit models.
Two new specifications of the random regret functions.
New mother logit models that are equivalent to the regret-based models.
Estimation and cross-validation results using real data.

Tien Mai, Emma Frejinger, Morgens Fosgerau, Fabian Bastin
A dynamic programming approach for quickly estimating large network-based MEV models
Transportation Research Part B 98(1):179-197, 2017
A new approach for quickly estimating MEV models with large choice sets.
MEV models are formulated as dynamic discrete choice models.
The dynamic models generalize the network MEV and are consistent with MEV theory.
Estimation using the concept of network flows and the nested fixed point algorithm.
Numerical results based on simulated and real data.

Maëlle Zimmermann, Tien Mai, Emma Frejinger
Bike route choice modeling using GPS data without choice sets of paths
Transportation Research Part C, 75(1):183-196, 2017
Model estimated and validated using bike GPS data on network of 40,000 links.
Quick computation of link flows without choice set generation.
Easy to compute accessibility measure with desirable properties.

Shiva Habibi, Emma Frejinger, Marcus Sundberg
An empirical study on aggregation of alternatives and its influence on prediction in car type choice models
Transportation (2017).

Tien Mai, Fabian Bastin, Emma Frejinger
A decomposition method for estimating recursive logit based route choice models
Euro J Transp Logist (2016). doi:10.1007/s13676-016-0102-3

Tien Mai, Emma Frejinger, Fabian Bastin
A misspecification test for logit-based route choice models
Economics of Transportation 4(4):215-226, 2015.
We show how White's information matrix test can be applied to route choice models.
Results for path-based and link-based (recursive logit) models.
Comparison of information matrix and IIA and McFadden–Train Lagrange multiplier tests.
Monte Carlo experiment results assess the size and power of the tests.
Both path-based and link-based models are strongly rejected when applied to real data.

Tien Mai, Mogens Fosgerau, Emma Frejinger
A nested recursive logit model for route choice analysis
Transportation Research Part B 75(1):100-112, 2015
The IIA property is relaxed and random terms are correlated.
Link-based model: no choice sets of paths are required.
Efficient estimation and prediction.
Estimation and cross-validation results using real data.

Mogens Fosgerau, Emma Frejinger, Anders Karlstrom
A link based network route choice model with unrestricted choice set
Transportation Research Part B 56(1):70-80, 2013
A model for the choice of route in a network.
Link size attribute: a deterministic correction for correlation.
No choice set generation needed.
A dynamic specification of sequential link choices is equivalent to a static logit model.


Zimmermann, M., Blom Vastberg, O., Karlstrom, A., Frejinger, E. Mixed recursive logit model for activity-based scheduling with sampled choice sets, en révisions à Transportation Research Part C.